Does “ALA” Stand for “Adult Library Association”?

The ALA has chosen for its 2007 National Library Week slogan…”Come Together @ Your Library.” Sounds innocent enough, right?


Nah, I don’t think so either. The library stacks are in the gutter for this one. Jessamyn West is Teh Clever for being the first to make serious fun of the ALA with her so hilarious and so Not Safe For Work promotional poster ideas.

As Michael Stephens said, “What was ALA thinking?


2 thoughts on “Does “ALA” Stand for “Adult Library Association”?

  1. The real problem is that ALA is currently dealing with some tough opposition, people who think that the ALA is too loose on rules for access to material for minors, too loose on “porn” generally.

    I don’t agree with that perspective — I feel that the Library Bill of Rights is a good guiding document while freely admitting that different locales have to make different specific policies — and I don’t really think this is tongue in cheek on ALA’s part. I just wish they’d run it by someone who was “hip to the lingo” to rule out this sort of thing. I personally think it’s hilarious, but I also shake my head for an association that is trying to stay relevant and at the same time coming up with ideas like this.

  2. Being in Kansas, I’ve certainly experienced the “libraries are all about porn” perspective. (In fact, we have one State Senator–who represents where I live and work–who has flat-out told my director that she thinks libraries are purveyors of porn. She also has stated publically that women should never have been given the vote, so…take that for what you will.) The slogan is funny (and I think you’re right, it’s unintentional), but yes, someone should have asked, “But how will it play in Kansas?”

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