OPL Blogs are Go!

It’s been more of a wait than impatient l’il ol’ me would’ve liked, but the public blogs for MPOW are officially open! The main blog is called “Hoopla,” and we also have a Children’s Department blog (“Around the Corner“), a Young Adult blog (currently called “Teen Blog” until the winner of the YA contest names it) and a Reader’s Advisory blog (“Notes From A. Reader“).

I’m very excited about this. I wish I could take all or most of the credit for them, since it was basically my idea to have a blog on our site, but my coworker Susie did at least as much work as I did convincing our Web Committee and the rest of our staff to blog, and she did all of the work installing the blogs and getting them set up, and other staff members did some of the designing of the blogs and posting on the blogs. Really, that makes this all more exciting and satisfying, because this isn’t a me thing, it’s a we thing.

And one of the exciting things about having blogs? You don’t need to live in Olathe, KS, to get a library card at MPOW. We’ve issues cards to people who live in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Florida and even Paris, France. Now it’s even easier for our out-of-state patrons to keep up with what’s going on at the library and to engage in conversations with us. And for those people reading this blog who don’t live in Kansas, feel free to subscribe to MPOW’s blogs and to leave comments. Global public libraries. Pretty neat, huh?

Happy Blog Day for the Olathe Public Library!


4 thoughts on “OPL Blogs are Go!

  1. Congratulations to you and your coworkers! They look great.

  2. Wow–how cool! You all did a fantastic job integrating your blogs into your site! Congrats!

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