A Cornucopia of Upgrades

This is the week for upgrades, apparently. I seem to have mixed luck with upgrades, and this weekend was no different.

While I was at Internet Librarian, Firefox 2 was officially released. But since I’m using IceWeasel on my laptop, I didn’t pay much mind to it. Last night, though, I decided to download it and install it on the family desktop. And, of course, it was ever-so-slightly borked: the bookmarks disappeared, and the address and search bars didn’t work right. I was steamed, and so was my wife (who rightfully chided me for installing a newly released upgrade on the family’s computer without first investigating for possible problems). A quick search online found a solution, and I quickly got it fixed. Phew!

The latest Ubuntu release, Edgy Eft, was also released this week, and I decided to upgrade my laptop at the same time I was upgrading the family computer. Yes, I do have a tendency to leap before I look, why do you ask? Luckily, this was the easiest, smoothest Ubuntu upgrade yet. There have been a few quirks, but nothing to keep me from doing what I normally do on my laptop. Double phew! Plus, I’ve added some nifty bits like checkgmail and Gaim Guifications.

The latest version of WordPress was released, too. I should upgrade my blog, but…I think I need a bit of a breather before I jump into yet another upgrade situation. I’m upgraded-out!


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