The MySpace page I started a while back is lost to me. About a month ago, I changed the email address for my login. Unfortunately, I must have mistyped the new email address, because I soon found that I couldn’t log in no matter what email address I typed. I finally emailed the MySpace support and asked for help. First, I got an automated response giving me a solution that was no solution. I emailed them back, explaining further what the problem was. That was over a week ago. I just got a new response telling me that whatever my problem is, it can’t be fixed.

Maybe if I feel like it, I’ll make a new page. But right now, I can’t be bothered.


2 thoughts on “DeadSpace

  1. Yeah, I haven’t paid much attention to my My Space page lately either. Since we block My Space at the library, I see no point in making a library page (grrrr), and I’ve heard that it’s falling out of favor for Face Book. Whatever – I guess I really am too old for those apps – I have much more fun with my blogs.

  2. Your library blocks MySpace? *sputter sputter sputter* Whatever for?

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