The Sixth Blog, or Freedom Isn’t Free

One of the blogs that was going to be in my list of five favorite non-library blogs was Creating Passionate Users. But recent events made me decide to write a separate blog post about this particular blog.

Like a lot of Library 2.0-types, I’m quite a fan of Creating Passionate Users, and my favorite posts are by Kathy Sierra. She’s engaging, imaginative, witty, positive, and, well, passionate. So when I read her post about being harassed online, I was absolutely appalled, angered, and sickened. Other smart people have said better things than I could, so I’ll simply say you should go read them and assume that I’m vigorously nodding my head in agreement.

We cannot tolerate this kind of behavior. We wouldn’t tolerate in our physical space, and we cannot tolerate it in virtual space. We must stand together against this kind of disgusting behavior. The responsibility falls to all of us. That’s all there is to it.


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