Stars Are Stars

Walt Crawford had a foggy notion, Steve Lawson egged him on, and Dorothea Salo kicked it into gear. Now I’m going to ride with it: my five biblioblogger heroes.

Karen G. Schneider — I am very vocal about my undying affection and admiration for Karen. She’s the writer I most frequently have in my head when I’m writing, hoping that someday I can be somewhere close to as witty and wise as she always is. On her own blog, in comments on other blogs, in magazine pieces, and on the email lists I’ve been on with her, I am always laughing out loud and nodding my head when I read what she’s written. I frequently pester other people by quoting Karen. I really can’t say anymore without embarrassing myself, so…cut!

Meredith Farkas — Meredith writes the kinds of long, thoughtful, passionate posts I would like to write. Plus, she’s all kinds of humble and encouraging to others. She also picked up a gauntlet and started Five Weeks to a Social Library, for which I have boundless admiration.

Jessamyn West — Jessamyn’s so old-school, her blog is called simply “” How cool is that? It’s like starting a rock band and calling it “The Rock & Roll Band.” Or something like that. She’s also wickedly funny and smart. Plus, her work these days is about bridging the technology divide, which is something I think is immensely, world-spinningly important.

Michelle Boule — The Kid. Michelle “Jane Eyre” Boule is hilarious, spunky, and is one of the masterminds behind Five Weeks to a Social Library. What I admire about her is not that she’s passionate about libraries, but that she just doesn’t know when to shut her damn mouth. That is an admirable trait. She’s also an unabashed geek, which is also an admirable trait.

Jessica Langlois — Jessica is a very cool librarian. She is also, as far as I’m concerned, an unsung hero. Not only is she a cool blogger, she looks at all this social software and says, “Hey, we could use this to build a really strong online library network and community!” And then she does what she can to bring that about. I think it’s criminal that she doesn’t get more attention, because she absolutely deserves to be in the spotlight.

Gee, would you look at that? My five choices are all women. Huh. Well, since I’m talking about tuchas-kicking female bloggers, I’ll mention one more blog: my wife’s Livejournal. Because she is also one of my heroes (both in terms of blogging and in life in general). Like Michelle, my wife doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut (and she doesn’t care) and she’s upfront about her geekiness. (Ask her about the Discworld books or Monty Python.) Like Karen and Jessamyn, my wife has a wicked sense of humor and a witty way of writing. Like Meredith, my wife is very passionate and thoughtful in her writing. And like Jessica, she’s really damn cool. My wife isn’t a library professional (although she really groks libraries), but she’s 57 kinds of awesome all the same.

There you go. My blogging heroes. Now, go forth and write your own posts about this. You are all tagged.


3 thoughts on “Stars Are Stars

  1. Nothin’ wrong with a Discworld geek. (As to your wife’s current question, since I’ve never owned anything but Honda Civic sedans, you can guess my answer…)

    As you may see later today, I took this theme/meme in a whole different direction, as I intended to last night before WordPress decided to play a little prank on me.

  2. OK, so here I am (at work, mind you), looking at my Bloglines, reading your latest post, recognizing the names – and then I say, out loud (at work, mind you), “NO WAY!”
    Holy crap, Josh.
    I cannot thank you enough for your support and the kind words – you rock, and I have been telling everyone I know for months now that you rock.
    OK, now I better go post something great.

  3. Let’s hear it for mutal admiration societies! High five!

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