Alright, I’m In

Despite many people I know and respect giving Twitter reviews that range from “eh, it’s pretty useful” to “this is a fascinating and important new social trend,” I still remain skeptical about how much using Twitter would appeal to me. But it occurred to me this morning that without actually trying it out, I can never really be sure. Since I have nothing to lose, I’m giving it a shot. Feel free to add me to your list of Twittering friends, if you’d like. Who knows? I may eat my earlier words yet.

Mmmmm, Kool-Aid.


3 thoughts on “Alright, I’m In

  1. “that without actually trying it out, I can never really be sure” – exactly why I’m playing with Twitter.

  2. Josh, I know how much you respect KGS. A sentence in her latest post EASTER THOUGHTS re: Twitter struck me as dead on: “I do think too often we claim to be pursuing “connectedness” when we’re really allowing ourselves to lapse into the weak adrenaline buzz of continual partial attention.” She do tell it true, don’t she?

  3. I think KGS is absolutely onto something there, and I think that I keep myself logged into IM, check up on Twitter, and constantly check my email, at least in part, because I’m riding a continual partial attention high. Part of the problem with us library folk evaluating things like blogs, IMing, Twitter, and what have you, is that this is future stuff that we’re deep in the midst of. I don’t know that there will really be good analyses of these until we’ve all moved onto the next thing.

    So, maybe I should shut up on trying to figure Twitter out and just do it (or not).

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