Greetings from Topeka!

I’m attending all three days of Tri-Conference (yesterday, today, tomorrow) in sunny (well, not so much) Topeka, KS. The motel I’m staying at advertises free wifi. It wasn’t working in my room, so I went to the front desk and was told that the wifi probably won’t reach my room. “You’ll need a cable,” the chap at the desk told me. (“Swell,” I thought.) “We have a cable you can use if you didn’t bring your own,” he continued, bringing a cable out from a cabinet. “Just bring it back when you check out,” he said. (“How nice!” I thought, a smile on my face.) I went back to my room, plugged the cable in…and still not intertubes. I could’ve gone back and complained again, but I really don’t want to be That Guy. You know, The Guy Who Cannot Live Without Internet Access For Three Measly Days And Complains To Everyone About It. Since I’m staffing the “cyber cafe” that NEKLS set up in the exhibition space, I’m taking advantage of the free computer time to check my email and update this here blog. (I could bring my own laptop in and pay eight bucks for the free wifi for the day, but…enh.)

The first day of Tri-Conference was good, and I think the next two days will be even better. Though I’m not sure what can top hearing local Youth Services hero Jean Hatfield talking about her year on the Newbery selection committee and saying, “Scrotum! Scrotum! Scrotum! If you don’t want to hear the word ‘scrotum,’ you’d better leave the room now.” Good times.


2 thoughts on “Greetings from Topeka!

  1. Dear Joshua,
    One question: How is it free wi-fi if you have to pay 8 bucks a day?

    Love the layout of your blog. Nice and clear.

    Have fun!

  2. Oops! Right you are, Royce. Correction made.

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