Tri-Conference ’07

The second two days of Tri-Conference were even better than the first.

I saw Royce Kitts give a really good presentation (which I later found out was, due to a lack of time, an abbreviated version of what he was intending to do) where he pulled a non-blogger out of the audience and walked her through creating her own Blogger blog in about 5 minutes. He also provided one of my favorite moments at the conference: when an older librarian asked, “How can I keep my students from surfing and reading other blogs?”, Royce answered with a straight face, “Turn off the internet.”

The funny thing is, Royce had friended me on the Library 2.0 site last week, but I hadn’t realized he was a local until he was introduced for the presentation. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to actually speak to him face-to-face, as I had to rush over to do my own presentation.

Our Flickr presentation went well…I think. I was a combination of excited, nervous, and heavily caffeinated, so the presentation is something of a blur in my memory. I do remember Mickey doing a great job of showing off how some libraries have used Flickr in imaginative ways.
My Web Content teammate Stuart also presented that day, but I missed his presentation. Later, he told me that the attendance was small enough that it ended up being more of a conversation than a presentation. I’m slightly jealous, because that’s really what I wanted the Flickr presentation to be. It turns out I don’t really like presenting as such. There’s a reason why I became a librarian instead of a teacher. Actually, there are several reasons, but one of them is that I don’t really enjoy being on my own in front of a room of people and babbling at them. I’d rather be a participant in a discussion, or one half of a performing duo at the very least, than be a solo lecturer.

Which is why I really enjoyed the last session of the conference. It was billed as a presentation on technology training, but the presenters (including one of my Johnson County Library cohorts) had everyone rearrange the chairs in a circle and engage in a conversations as equals. It was refreshing, comfortable, and productive.

I got some good ideas for the redesign of MPOW’s children’s website, which I’m overseeing, from some of the sessions. I also got to see some old friends, get better acquainted with some coworkers, and meet new people. I’ll admit, I was pretty skeptical before the conference, expecting it to be too big and too much of a waste of time, but I had a good time and I got a lot out of it. For me, Tri-Conference was a success.


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