Back From the Abyss

If for the past week you’ve thought there was something wrong with this here blog, give yourself a pat on the back and do a shot. Here’s what happened:

I upgraded to the latest version of WordPress, using the InstantUpgrade plugin. Unfortunately, my post-upgrade blog loaded veeeeerrrry slowly. (Royce Kitts said, “It’s loading slower than Ning!”) Checking the WP support forums, I found I wasn’t the only person experiencing this, but I couldn’t find a satisfactory or useful solution. Frustrated, I decided to rollback my blog to the version of WP I’d been using before.

And in doing so, I toasted my blog.

Somehow, I had messed up the ownership of some of the files, so I couldn’t do anything to them. My blog was stuck. My hosts responded quickly to my plea for help, and Jessamyn West kindly offered to give me any help I might need. (“Kindly” is really an understatement. Jessamyn has never met me in person, we’ve never spoken on the phone, we’ve exchanged a few emails and chatted a couple of times on IM. Listen up, all you people who wonder what this “2.0” jazz is all about. When we say “social software,” we’re not kidding about the social. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: social software and the internet are important.)

I was on the verge of sending Jessamyn an S.O.S., because even doing another reinstall of WordPress wasn’t working. Tonight, I decided to give it one more shot on my own. And discovered I had accidently stuck some of the rather crucial WP files in the wrong folder. After smacking myself in the forehead with everything in my office that isn’t nailed down, and one or two things that were, I deleted everything except the config file, reinstalled everything in the right folders, and…abracafreakindabra! my blog was back.

Oh, and what I ended up installing was the lastest version of WP–and it’s not loading slowly. Go figure.

Kids, I was seriously freaked. I love this blog. I’ve been blogging, in some form or another, for almost 6 years, and I’ve come to really enjoy blogging. I missed it. I would have been facekickingly sad if everything on this blog had been lost, if I’d had to start all over again.

Thunder and tarnation, it’s good to be back!

UPDATE: After publishing this post, the blog is back to loading slowly. This is annoying. But it’s back up, so I’m not going to let it get me down too much.


2 thoughts on “Back From the Abyss

  1. Welcome back, even though it does load incredibly slowly.

  2. InstantUpgrade is a nice plugin. We use it on our KLOW sites.

    What you should do is use the nifty backup function that WP has now and backup your blog, that way if you have to, say, migrate to a new host, you’ll just be able to import all your old content and get back to blogging as usual.

    Drop me a line if you need help with that, I have tons of WP blogs of varying versions and would be glad to lend a hand any way I can.

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