Figure 8

I’ve been liminally tagged by Rachel Singer Gordon, so here are eight random tidbits about yours truly:

1. I love all six Star Wars movies. Yes, I love the prequels.

2. I’m currently addicted to the game Rome: Total War. If I haven’t been blogging as much lately, that’s a big reason why.

3. I don’t care for mushrooms or olives, and I absolutely cannot stand water chestnuts. I like Brussels sprouts, though.

4. I love superhero comics. My favorite superheroes are Superman, the original Green Lantern, Mister Miracle, and the original X-Men.

5. My wife and I met through online personals ads.

6. Lately, I’ve taken to carrying around a one-subject notebook with pictures of Wacky Packages stickers on the cover, for no other reason than it helps me get in an “eight-year-old Josh” mindset.

7. I have a hard time not singing along with songs I like, regardless of where I am and who’s around me.

8. I’ve never gotten a rash from poison ivy, even after once sitting in a patch of it while wearing shorts (not on purpose–I didn’t notice there was poison ivy there). This has led me to conclude that I’m immune to poison ivy, but I’ve never been bold enough to really test my theory.

Boy, coming up with those eight things was harder than I thought it would be! Now, I’m supposed to tag eight people, so I’ll tag Steve Lawson, Rochelle Hartman, Iris Jastram, Jessica Langlois, Laura “On a Roll” Crossett, Gregg Winsor, Erica Reynolds, and my wife, Julie Neff. Tagginated!


A Walt of Your Very Own

For reasons that are beyond me, OCLC is letting Walt Crawford go. (I’m not going to introduce Walt because, well, I’d be shocked if anyone reading this blog doesn’t know who Walt is.) If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Gee, wouldn’t it be great if Walt worked for me? Too bad OCLC snatched him up,” now’s your chance to gain from OCLC’s loss. For more info, check out Walt’s post about this. And if, like me, you’re not in any position to get Walt a new job, wish him luck in his future employment.

Best of luck, Walt!

Fear of the Unknown

In my library experience, proposals for using new technology or offering new programs or services are often met with a variety of nervous, timid responses that all seem to boil down to “what if we try this and bad things happen?” My typical response to this is to say, “We’re not coordinating a space shuttle launch. This isn’t brain surgery. Nobody lives or dies by what we do.” But Royce Kitts’ wife put it much better, more succinctly: “Don’t go pissing your pants if in the end it doesn’t work.

Because at the end of the day, how much do we really have to lose if things don’t go the way we planned?

Talk Talk Talk

I woke up this morning to find that Meebo now has chat rooms. Chat rooms have been around for ages, but Meebo’s are awfully slick. You can incorporate multimedia into them, so that they make excellent conferencing and collaboration areas. At a coworker’s suggestion, I created a Meebo room for my colleagues and me to use. Then I created a Meebo room for the Library Society of the World. There’s a lot of potential for professional use of these chat rooms. Also, they’re fun!

Blog Up, Blog Down, Blog Up

My blog crashed again this weekend. Perhaps you noticed. I submitted a trouble ticket to my web hosts and got a fairly quick response. It turns out, my hosts upgraded PHP and didn’t notify anyone. I was informed they would be rolling back the PHP by the end of Saturday. But as of this morning, my blog still wasn’t up. I checked the error log and it looked like there was a PHP problem in one of my WP plugins. Unfortunately, it was killing my blog so that I couldn’t even access the admin and deactivate the plugin. So I logged into my website control panel and completely deleted the files for the particular plugin (WPlicense, for those keeping score at home). And now, my blog is back up.

I’ll tell you what, I would really like to go for…oh, let’s say the next four weeks at least without a blog problem.

Blog Problems Gone? Gone!

I finally submitted a trouble ticket to my web hosts, although I was sure they would tell me there was nothing they could do, that it was all on my end. I should have had more faith. My web hosts (Logjamming, by the way) are outstanding. I got a quick reply, a solution was presented, and now my blog seems to be working fine.

I am very, very happy and very, very relieved.

If anyone notices any more strange behavior, please let me know.