Job Opening

Would you like to work with me? And my topnotch, talented teammates? Under the supervision (and super vision) of Erica Reynolds? There’s an open position in the Johnson County Library Web Content Team, of which I am the junior member (in length of employment there–in terms of age, I’m the oldest or second oldest member). The position primarily involves handling the JoCoHistory website, which means you’d be handling and creating lots of metadata for old photographs and presenting to partnerships and various local organizations, but you’d also be getting in on our brand-spankin’-new library website. We work hard, we play hard, and there are excellent opportunities for professional development. If at all interested, go to the JCL job postings page and follow the application instructions. If you have any questions, ask Erica or me. A number of us are on Facebook, so you can ask us questions there, too.


4 thoughts on “Job Opening

  1. MLS required? Significat coursework–i.e.–halfwaydone/

  2. MLS, or other appropriate Master’s degree, required, yes.

  3. Trust me, the only thing those Web Content people do is hang out, write on each others’ blogs, and steal the doughnuts from the breakroom.

    (I keed! I keed!)

  4. Nope couldn’t do it. Could not work that close to the Neffster.

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