Another Tech Day Wrap-Up

I was feeling a bit under the weather yesterday. I was not feeling up to writing about going to NEKLS Tech Day the day before. I’m feeling better now, thank’s for asking, and so, once more, here we go with…NEKLS Tech Day 2007.

The Good: I got to hang out with my witty, amusing coworkers. I got to see old friends. I got to hang out with Mr. Royce Kitts. I got to copresent with two of my teammates on developing our new websites and using paper prototyping and usability testing to get input and buy-in from staff and patrons.

The Not-As-Good: As always the NEKLS crew put on a great, educational, fun conference. But unlike the past two conferences, I didn’t leave feeling particularly inspired or enthusiastic. Maybe I’ve just been too preoccupied with our website redesign (with the rapidly approaching go-live date only two weeks away). Maybe the ground that was covered in the talks and presentations on technology and Library 2.0 ideas is ground that I’ve covered too many times already. Whatever the reasons, I had a good time at Tech Day this year, but I didn’t have a great time like I did the previous two years. So it goes.


7 thoughts on “Another Tech Day Wrap-Up

  1. I agree with your thoughts on Tech Day, a lot of web 2.0 flair, but I think a little more detail on how to use it would help, not just telling use there’s tools out there you should be using.

    However, I always find it fascinating to talk to smaller, more nimble libraries.

  2. yeah the highlight for me was the people: you, dlking, e.reynolds, mickey, brenda….just another chance to hang with some cool people.

    As for 2.0, it gave me yet another layer of discussion when pitching my ideas at work.
    You would be surprised how effective saying something like “JoCoLib does it” is when going for buy-in.

  3. Oh break my heart! But I agree… I was trying to do something different by having a non-library keynote, but it really did end up being a lot of repeat of things from other years. So now the big question for me is, what next year? It’s already time to start trying to schedule the keynote speaker. Who should I try to get?

  4. No need for a broken heart, Brenda. Like I said, you guys did a great job as always. The fact that I didn’t have as inspirational a time as previously isn’t your fault.

    As for next year, here’s what I think would make it great for me (which is not the same as making it great for everyone else, but here’s what I would like to see): more free time for socializing and the informal sharing of ideas; more hands-on, practical demonstrations of new technologies, like the session where people got to play with a Wii and iPhone. For example, what about if presenters and attendees actually created a Tech Day wiki during Tech Day, adding pictures taken and uploaded right there and then, adding notes about sessions and the people who have presented and attended? Or presenters and attendees creating a blog and writing posts while at Tech Day? Or installing Ubuntu on a personal computer? Or presenting reference questions to a library that uses IM reference? Or creating a video right there at Tech Day and uploading it to YouTube? Or recording something for a podcast? Or creating profiles on Facebook and writing on each other’s walls, then creating a library group for people to join? Stuff like that.

  5. And y’know, if I hadn’t been so preoccupied with the web redesign at work for the past few months, I would’ve proposed doing a session along those lines for this year’s Tech Day.

  6. I like it! W/wireless at TSCPL, we could reserve the big room, but have stations set-up all over the place, with things happening. Hmm…

  7. The ever-increasing level of tech fu practiced by NEKLS librarians is a constant challenge in planning events like Tech Day. One of the tools that has been enormously beneficial to me for the events I put on is a Planning Committee. Brenda, I nominate Josh and Royce to be on your planning committee next year!

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