Rounding Third and Heading Home

In case anyone’s been wondering, work has been going very well. We’re just a couple of days away from our big website relaunch (and launch, in the case of the new children’s site). So, for the past few weeks, work has been particularly demanding of my attention, and as a result, I want to have as little to do with libraries and the internet as possible when I’m not at work. I’ve been filling my not-at-work time with other pursuits: TV and movies, video games, house and yard work, and reading. And not blogging, or even really thinking about things to blog about. My opinions on library matters these days are about as strong as a can of Milwaukee’s Best. If I have a backlog of blog posts demanding to be written and posted, they’re packed away in the dusty closets of my mind.

After our new websites have been officially launched into cyberspace and I’ve had some time to relax and shake my sillies out, normal blogging will almost certainly resume. But for now, my leisure time needs to be library-free.


5 thoughts on “Rounding Third and Heading Home

  1. You speak the truth, you speak the truth, though anymore I’m flexing my muscle in the kitchen more than anything. 🙂

  2. >My opinions on library matters these days are about as strong as a can of Milwaukee’s Best.

    Love it. You are the Beast.

  3. Oh man, I think it’s something about this summer, I’ve been feeling less than inspired as well.

    Here’s to getting our passion back, someday. 😉

  4. Right there with you. Been hiking, swimming, kayaking, reading, napping, and eating. Not much blogging. Been discouraged with work/lack of work/lack of competence on my job, so, bleh. I’m spending summer in the sun.

  5. Oh how indeed I know that feeling–it’s part of why I tend not to do library tourism when on vacation.

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