The End of the Inning

Ladies and gentlemen, the day has arrived. May I humbly present to you the all-new, all-different…Johnson County Library website! (Humbly presented because I honestly had little to do with it besides giving a thumbs-up to various design factors and adding some content here and there. The lion’s share of the credit goes to the other brilliant and talented people in the Web Content Team bullpen.)

And may I not-so-humbly (because this one I had much, much more to do with, in terms of look, layout, and content) present the one, the only…JoCoKids, the Johnson County Library website just for kids! I’m very proud of this one, both for its look and its interactive features. Will kids actually leave comments on the site? Only time will tell, but I sure hope they do!

It’s been quite an exciting ride up to this point, and our work is far from over. We have a whole slew of “second phase” things we want to do with the sites, and we have other partnership sites we’ll be redesigning. But for just a minute, I will rest my figurative feet and take a little breather.

UPDATE: MPOW’s brilliant Communications Manager got the approval of our director to do some “guerrilla marketing.” She arranged to have teen volunteers go to all 13 of our libraries and use stencils and spray chalk paint to put graffiti all over the parking lots announcing our new website. I took a couple of pictures of their handiwork. The local news came ’round to cover this. How often does a library website launch get media coverage?


8 thoughts on “The End of the Inning

  1. WooooHooo!

    Both sites look great! And I also like the Teen Scene site, and the way you can change themes – very cool.

    God, I can’t even imagine what it must be like to have a TEAM of people with an actual clue creating our library’s website.

  2. JoCoTeenScene was one of our first launches with the new CMS, a vision of where we’d be going with the new main site and JoCoKids. And I don’t think it’s telling tales out of school to say that I’ll be taking over the teen site starting September 1st.

  3. Oh, and thanks, Jessica!

  4. Kudos to the Neff!

  5. Thanks, Royce, but I’m but a small part of the fearsome force that brought this website to life and is getting it out to the public. The kudos go to the whole Web Content Team, the Web Interest Group, the Information Technology staff, the Information & Reference Services staff, the Youth Services staff, Communications & Creative Services, the County Librarian, and the rest of the Johnson County Library staff.

    Which may sound like I’m going overboard, but I’m completely serious. Check out the IS & Specialized Reference staff blogs on the Reference pages. Check out the YS staff pages and booklists on JoCoKids. There’s the design and marketing work, the behind-the-scenes technical computer work–there are a million-and-one ways this web launch could have been lamer than lame, and if it wasn’t, it’s because of all of these people working together. I will gladly toot my own horn, but not without tooting everyone else’s horns, too.

  6. LOVE the chalk tags. Love it. Want to find a good somethingorother to advertise by doing it…

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  8. As Edh and I often say…the suck has gone.

    I LOVE the new website.

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