Exploring the Future!

I heart Shelf Check!


5 thoughts on “Exploring the Future!

  1. Hey, Josh, thanks so much for the mention. I notice you’re linking to the cartoon at ToonDoo’s site–did you know about the Shelf Check blog (click for link)? It makes subscribing to the cartoon by RSS a lot easier, if you’re interested.

    Thanks again,

  2. I’m actually subscribed via the blog RSS, Emily, but when I clicked on the actual strip in Bloglines, it took me to ToonDoo, and since I was there, I didn’t think to link to the blog post instead. I am Teh Lazy.

    Anyway, thanks for creating the strip (both in general and this particular one on gaming)!

  3. “…exploring game systems is research about our future.”

    SOLD! I want a Wii AND a PS2 or PS3 now.

  4. LOL That was great and oh so true… *tear* Time to play some video games. 😀 Just for the record, I also use the genealogy resources, too.

    Thank you for sharing it. 🙂

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