Casting Pods Before Kids

The Promotions people at MPOW decided they wanted to offer patrons a free CD of recorded storytimes before Thanksgiving, with the idea that parents could put the CD on and keep the kids entertained during a long car ride to wherever they were having Thanksgiving dinner. Discussion and planning followed, readers were solicited from our Youth Services staff, and thanks to the digital media and coding savviness of my teammates, today saw the premiere of…

…the Johnson County Library Online Storytimes!

We’re offering a fairly small number of CDs at a few of our libraries, but every track of the CD, read by our talented staff (including one story read by yours truly), is available on our children’s website for downloading. You can also subscribe to the Online Storytimes podcast through Feedburner and iTunes. If we get enough positive responses, through postcards and an online survey, we’ll continue with the online stories. I’m feeling pretty good about it, and I think we’ll get enough good feedback to keep the podcast going.

Check ’em out and let me know what you think. (“The Tortoise and the Hare,” read by my friend and teammate Dave, is one of my favorites.)


9 thoughts on “Casting Pods Before Kids

  1. Um, you said my Emperor’s New Clothes was the best!!! I am hurt.

  2. What an awesome idea!
    I tell ya, JOCO is always doing something cool.

  3. Oh, your reading of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” is definitely another of my favorite tracks. I also think Bradley’s “Little Red Hen” will be a big hit.

  4. That is such a cool idea! I take it here are no copyright issues with the stories. You are SO far ahead of us. We might get entry forms for children’s contests on our website. It’s a start.

  5. We got around the copyright issue by only using works in the public domain.

  6. EDH, that would be brilliant! I’d love it if we had something like that at OPOW.

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