The News of the Day

The New York Times has released TimesMachine, a specific wayback machine that allows you to browse replicas of past issues, from September 18, 1851 to December 31, 1922. Hovering over an article brings a little box that contains the beginning text of the article and a link to read more, which opens up a PDF of the full text of the article. Each PDF even has its own URL, so you can link to it.

It’s loads of fun to play with, and I think the educational potential of this is inspiring. I’ve been looking at the news printed 100 years before I was born, and I’ve been having a ball.


Camp on Purpose

I’ve been excited about the possibilities of unconferences and other nontraditional ways to gather professionally for a couple of years now. So when two of my more brilliant library pals said to me, “We need to have an unconference here in Kansas!”…well, I did a little dance, and then offered my assistance in getting it started.

Getting an unconference set up turned out to be bigger and more complicated than I thought it would. Luckily, there’s no shortage of whipsmart people here in Kansas, and thanks to the efforts of a whole lot of inspired, dedicated library folks, Library Camp Kansas is a real event! It will be this coming March 19th, 10 am-4 pm, in the Hale Library of Kansas State University. We’re going to have free wi-fi, some laptops for those who don’t have (or can’t bring) their own, and the potential for some outstanding conversations, discussions and debates.

I’m monumentally jazzed about this! If you’re in Kansas–or can get to Manhattan, KS on March 19th–and want to participate in the first Kansas library unconference, check out the official invitation to participate, get yourself registered online, and start adding to the wiki. This is going to be fantastic!