Garbage Out

Two people have told me that my last couple of posts have come through Google Reader with spam links cluttering the post. I have no idea why this would happen or what to do about it. If anyone else is seeing this, please let me know. And if you know how to solve the problem, please let me know that, too. (I use Bloglines, and my feeds have come through fine for me.)

Update: The spam didn’t show up in Bloglines, but it was there in the posts. Not this post, but the two previous. I could see the spam when I viewed the page source. I deleted it from both posts. How did it get there? I don’t know. How do I keep it from happening again? No clue.


6 thoughts on “Garbage Out

  1. You’re coming through loud and clear on my Bloglines, too….must be a Google Reader thing.

  2. Great, thanks, Chris!

  3. Could be that the hackers changed your RSS templates to include the spam content. You might want to check those files. This happened to a WP blog I used to manage that was an older version of WP.

  4. Thanks, Anna.

    So far the spam hasn’t returned since it appeared in the two posts. I’m intending to upgrade this blog’s WordPress version. I just need to find the time and energy.

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