A Big Announcement for the Library Society of the World

Sometimes the universe hands you a goody and makes your day. Sometimes that “universe” is Blake Carver of LISNews, and the “goody” is a brand-spanking-new website for the Library Society of the World. Check it out!


It’s not fully operational yet. A group of us are trying to figure out Drupal and get content and functionality onto the site. But it’s there, and you can register and create a profile. If anyone out there in Libraryland is good with Drupal and has some time and energy to spare, let us know. The LSW needs your help.

I’m just so happy about this! Blake is such a good guy for doing this. I’m very, very excited at the possibilities of the new site. It’s LSW 2.0! Let’s have fun with this!


Word Cloud Tag

Bobbie Newman tagged me for this meme, and since it involves the pretty word clouds of Wordle, why would I not take the challenge? So, I wandered over to Project Gutenberg, took the text from one of my all-time favorite novels, Edgar Rice Burroughs’ A Princess of Mars, plugged it into Wordle, and voila!

mars wordle

However, I’m going to be a stump and not tag anyone for this meme. Basically, if you feel like doing it, and it harms no one, go for it.

The Word Made Flash

After playing with it a bit, I’ve decided Wordle is just plain neat. Being a fan of words and visual poetry, I love that you can create some really interesting visuals with words. Here’s the first one I created by importing my del.icio.us tags:

del.icio.us wordle

And here’s one I created using the entire text of this blog:

blog wordle

You can change the color scheme, the font, the way the word cloud lays out, and more. The only downsides: you need to have the latest version of Java (OK, so that’s not really that big a deal), and as far as I can tell, the only way to save the images to your computer so far is by doing a screen capture. Still, this could be awfully addictive!