The Word Made Flash

After playing with it a bit, I’ve decided Wordle is just plain neat. Being a fan of words and visual poetry, I love that you can create some really interesting visuals with words. Here’s the first one I created by importing my tags: wordle

And here’s one I created using the entire text of this blog:

blog wordle

You can change the color scheme, the font, the way the word cloud lays out, and more. The only downsides: you need to have the latest version of Java (OK, so that’s not really that big a deal), and as far as I can tell, the only way to save the images to your computer so far is by doing a screen capture. Still, this could be awfully addictive!


2 thoughts on “The Word Made Flash

  1. Josh:
    I can see so many possiblities. Either one would make the perfect bookmark for services offered from your library.
    Darlene (Mom)

  2. Darlene, what a great idea! You could put, say, the library’s mission statement or some promotional text about library services into Wordle, and then turn the image into a bookmark. Fantastic!

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