Missed Opportunities

There are some games that immediately grab me, shake me by the collar and yell “PLAY ME!” in my face. And yet for various reasons, I never seem to get a chance to play them. Castle Falkenstein is one of those games. The first time I read it, I fell in love, and sometimes I pick it back up and reread it (although my copy is completely falling apart at this point) and feel that love all over again.

Nine Worlds is another game that I’ve fallen for immediately, but never played. (I would link to the Nine Worlds website, but it’s down at the time of writing.) I own a copy of the original printing, but I’ve always intended to get the revised printing (with a better binding). Because it looked doubtful I’d have a opportunity to play it, though, I always put buying the revised version off. Which was a big mistake, because Matt Snyder, the designer and publisher, is getting out of the business and won’t be selling his games or making them available in any way. Nine World is out of print, and at this point, Matt says it will never be printed again. Damn.

I know Matt has his reasons, and I assume they’re good ones, but this makes me sad. I took it for granted that opportunities don’t always last. And he we have another missed one for me.

(It just occurred to me: Castle Falkenstein also went out of print, and both games use playing cards rather than the more typical dice. Huh.)


One thought on “Missed Opportunities

  1. Heh. I’ve got one of those from the video game realm: the 1998 LucasArts adventure game Grim Fandango. My gaming interest around that time was being sucked up by Baldur’s Gate, and although Grim Fandango sounded intriguing, I just never got around to even buying it.

    It’s since become known as (arguably) the best game LucasArts ever produced, and I’ve been kicking myself for missing it ever since.

    I do take small consolation in the knowledge that Baldur’s Gate (or more specifically, it’s sequel, Shadows of Amn) still holds the number one slot on my personal list of best video games ever, so I don’t consider all that time spent playing games other than Grim Fandango wasted, but still, I’m occasionally wistful for the one that got away….

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