Dorothea Salo explains once more why she doesn’t have comments on her blog. I think she makes an excellent point: it’s her web space, she can do with it as she pleases, and she doesn’t want comments on her blog.  I can’t think of a reasonable argument against that and I think it’s silly to expect her to treat her website any other way.

It got me thinking about why I do have comments on my blog. And the cold, hard truth of it is: I like getting attention, and when people leave comments here, my self-esteem is raised a little more. Yes, I like having conversations, and comments facilitate that. But mostly, I’m insecure and I like the attention. So, there you go.


Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States

Damn, it feels good to say that!

I watched the inauguration this morning at work. I got teary-eyed several times. Today is a very good day.

But know this, Mr. President: I’m expecting bold, dramatic moves that will help us. Don’t be cowed by opposition (or by fellow Democrats who are timid). Let’s get to work!

Studly Fun

I’ve come to the conclusion that I like playing the Lego Star Wars video games (in my case, on the PS2) more than I like watching the Star Wars films. As much as I love playing games, this kind of surprised me. I do loves me some Star Wars movies (yes, even the prequels–and if you comment here on my blog about how you think George Lucas peed in your corn flakes, I’ll ignore you), but the Lego Star Wars games are absolutely fantastic, and provide me with more fun and entertainment than the movies do.

For one thing, there’s no clumsy dialogue or wooden acting in the video games. (I did say I love the Star Wars movies, right? Well, that doesn’t mean I’m blind to their faults.) But more than that, I love that every character–even *shudder* Jar Jar–has a role, something you need them for, something for them to do in the game. I love how movie sequences both major and minor are extended in the video games, filled with colorful set pieces and clever puzzles. Basically, the games combine two things I loved to do as a kid, play with Legos and play with Star Wars action figures, in a way that is completely engaging and fun. Playing the video games makes me feel like a kid again, and you all know how much I like that. Plus, it’s something my daughter likes to do with me. I feel like I’m passing this legacy of fun and play and imagination on to her. The Force is strong in my family.

Making the World a Better Place

My appearance on The Walt Bodine Show yesterday went well. I had a good time, at least. I didn’t get to say everything I wanted to say, but I did get to make some good points. Listening to it is a bit painful for me, though. I say, “Oh, absolutely!” WAY too many times. Still, people keep telling me I did a good job, and who am I too argue? The archived show is posted, so give it a listen if you haven’t already.

After the show, I listened to a good portion of Up to Date while driving back to work. I highly recommended listening to the archived show. It’s an interview with Sister Berta Sailer, co-founder and director of Operation Breakthrough, and she gives an inspiring account of her fight against poverty. It made me sad and horrified to hear about the poverty in Kansas City, but Sister Berta and the people who called in made my heart sing. These people are superheroes. Seriously, give it a listen.

The Next Doctor

This isn’t a review of the most recent Doctor Who Christmas Special (although I will say that I quite liked it and thought David Morrissey was very good) but my thoughts on the announcement of the actor to play the Eleventh Doctor.

I was not familiar with Matt Smith before today. Personally, I was sort of hoping they’d go with an actor older than David Tennant, and I think Paterson Joseph would be smashing in the part. But I think Steven Moffat is all kinds of smart, so if he feels Matt Smith is right for the role, that’s good enough for me. After watching an interview with him about getting the part of the Doctor, I will say that I like his enthusiasm and reverence for the part. The changing of the Doctor is always an interesting part of the program, so as much as I love David Tennant as the Doctor, I’m really excited to see the show change.

the goblin on the air

This coming Monday, I will be a guest on The Walt Bodine Show at 10 a.m., on KCUR, our local NPR station. The topic will be “Libraries in the 21st Century,” which I’m always pretty excited to talk about. Not only can you listen to it on the radio, you can stream it live online and the show will be archived on KCUR’s website. So, there’s no excuse for not listening to me babble about libraries. Unless listening to me babble about libraries really isn’t your thing–but who in their right mind would cop to that?

A New Year in Games

In 2008, I got back into playing role-playing games on a regular basis, something I’d fallen out of.  I joined a regular Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay group, which was good. (I can take or leave the Warhammer game itself, but the group I played with was a lot of fun.) I also started playing Burning Wheel with two guys I met online, and I’ve fallen in love with the game. Burning Wheel has quickly become one of my favorite games.

But there’s an itch that still isn’t getting scratched. I love being a player, but I also love being a game master, so I’m determined to run a game in 2009. I would very much like to run the new Mouse Guard RPG, and I think I can get enough players to make it happen. I’d also love to run a few sessions of In a Wicked Age, as well as try out Vincent Baker’s new game, Storming the Wizard’s Tower. Of course, my big dream is to run a regular, long-term superhero game, almost certainly using Chad Underkoffler’s nifty Truth & Justice, but I don’t know if I could get that going.

At any rate, I want to run something. And I’m feeling inspired and fired up enough to make it happen.