Making the World a Better Place

My appearance on The Walt Bodine Show yesterday went well. I had a good time, at least. I didn’t get to say everything I wanted to say, but I did get to make some good points. Listening to it is a bit painful for me, though. I say, “Oh, absolutely!” WAY too many times. Still, people keep telling me I did a good job, and who am I too argue? The archived show is posted, so give it a listen if you haven’t already.

After the show, I listened to a good portion of Up to Date while driving back to work. I highly recommended listening to the archived show. It’s an interview with Sister Berta Sailer, co-founder and director of Operation Breakthrough, and she gives an inspiring account of her fight against poverty. It made me sad and horrified to hear about the poverty in Kansas City, but Sister Berta and the people who called in made my heart sing. These people are superheroes. Seriously, give it a listen.


2 thoughts on “Making the World a Better Place

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  2. One of my lifelong dreams has been that someone would find me interesting or knowledgeable enough to interview on NPR. Any show, any topic, for any reason. I am SO jealous.

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