Studly Fun

I’ve come to the conclusion that I like playing the Lego Star Wars video games (in my case, on the PS2) more than I like watching the Star Wars films. As much as I love playing games, this kind of surprised me. I do loves me some Star Wars movies (yes, even the prequels–and if you comment here on my blog about how you think George Lucas peed in your corn flakes, I’ll ignore you), but the Lego Star Wars games are absolutely fantastic, and provide me with more fun and entertainment than the movies do.

For one thing, there’s no clumsy dialogue or wooden acting in the video games. (I did say I love the Star Wars movies, right? Well, that doesn’t mean I’m blind to their faults.) But more than that, I love that every character–even *shudder* Jar Jar–has a role, something you need them for, something for them to do in the game. I love how movie sequences both major and minor are extended in the video games, filled with colorful set pieces and clever puzzles. Basically, the games combine two things I loved to do as a kid, play with Legos and play with Star Wars action figures, in a way that is completely engaging and fun. Playing the video games makes me feel like a kid again, and you all know how much I like that. Plus, it’s something my daughter likes to do with me. I feel like I’m passing this legacy of fun and play and imagination on to her. The Force is strong in my family.


4 thoughts on “Studly Fun

  1. Our kids love ALL the lego games, but star wars is their aboslute favorate.

    I love how they legodised (new word?) everything. Especially how 3po takes damage! (No! I don’t need that arm!)
    Teh_Bagder is a little peeved that they’ve beaten starwars and Indy before he really got to play them.

    I really hope they make more Lego games in the future!

  2. I really want to get Lego Indiana Jones and Lego Batman, although I suspect I won’t like them as much as Lego Star Wars. And yes, more Lego video games in the future!

  3. That is certainly the case for me (enjoying the game more than the movies right now) and I also enjoy playing with my kids. My kids are younger than your daughter, though, so it does cause more yelling and arguments than is really healthy, so sometimes I have to turn it off in the middle of the section. Wish there were more save points for that reason.

    My wife has also pointed out how funny it would be if the movies were more like the game: if, as I just did, you had Vader and Boba Fett running around blowing up everything and using the Force on all the heating ducts in an attempt to collect lots of plastic money and little Lego canisters. And frequently shooting and sabering each other by accident. Now that’s a movie I’d want to see repeatedly.

  4. I’ve had the same thought as your wife. That would be a hilariously entertaining series of movies to watch.

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