Today is the birthday of my beautiful, brilliant daughter. She’s 12 years old today. I am so proud of her, and I love watching her grow up into such a terrific person. Happy Birthday, Morgan!


5 thoughts on “Markerstone

  1. Josh:
    She is the light of our lives. You and Julie are doing a great job of parenting.
    Mom (Darlene) & Dad (Gary)

  2. Happy Birthday, Morgan!

    For a present, your old man absolutely needs to get you started on blogging.

  3. Hurray! 12’s a great age. My littler one turned 11 last week.

  4. What a fantastic granddaughter she is! Josh, I’m proud of you, for being the sort of father you turned out to be. What an incredibly smart thing you did in marrying Julie.

  5. Oh my gosh Josh! We totally spaced wishing Morgan a happy birthday yesterday! That is not my usual behavior. Please apologize to her, and wish her a late happy birthday from us. Maybe I will call this afternoon…Love you all!

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