This One Goes to Eleven

“Bow ties are cool.”

I watched the premiere of the latest series of Doctor Who, “The Eleventh Hour,” the other day. As I’ve mentioned before, David Tennant’s Doctor is my favorite, but I wasn’t very happy with how his run ended. Still, Matt Smith had some big shoes to fill as the Doctor. And Karen Gillan had some big companion shoes to fill as Amy Pond, especially after two of my favorite companions, Martha Jones and Donna Noble.

I’m thrilled to say Smith and Gillan did a smashing job. While there were a few shaky bits (to be expected in a series opener, especially one that has to introduce an entirely new cast), the episode was clever, funny, creepy and touching. Smith’s Doctor seems to be a nice mix of Peter Davison‘s reckless enthusiasm and tetchiness with Jon Pertwee‘s brash confidence. Plus, he wears a bow tie! Gillan’s Amy Pond is great, too. She’s tough and snarky, but with some nice warmth showing through.

I’m really excited that Steven Moffat, who has written my favorite episodes of the new Doctor Who, has taken over as producer and chief writer. I expect this entire series to be full of mundane creepiness & terror, as well as action, adventure and comedy. I can’t wait for the rest of this series to unfold.

*Props to my girlfriend, Berkie, who made the “this one goes to eleven” joke about the latest Doctor.


4 thoughts on “This One Goes to Eleven

  1. Hrm. Pertwee, you say? Well, I’ll give him a chance then, because of Moffat.

    My favorite is still Tom Baker, with Christoper Ecclestone a close second. I think David Tennant is a fine actor, and there were individual episodes I liked (the one where he was being chased by the Family, parts of the one with Queen Victoria and the observatory) but just never managed to warm to him. Any word yet on return characters we might be seeing?

  2. Future archeologist River Song, who we saw in “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead” is returning this season. The Daleks and the Weeping Angels from “Blink” are also returning for sure.

  3. I LOVE Tennant’s doctor. Eccleston I could *not* get into. I guess I’ve seen him as a bad guy in one too many elizabethan period pieces.

    You know your Dr. Who watching has gotten out of hand when your 2 year old says “More Who?”


  4. Out of hand? Sound absolutely perfect to me, Liz!

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