Facing Up to Facebook

Four months ago, I deleted my Facebook account. Yesterday, I went back to Facebook.

My issues with Facebook haven’t changed. But I have to admit, there are friends and family I have limited contact with outside of Facebook, and I don’t want to lose touch with them. So I went back, but this time with a more focused perspective on the site.

I won’t be friends with just anyone. I have no intention of using Facebook for professional networking, so if you and I both happen to work in libraries, there’s no point in friending me unless we’re already friends in real life and have something besides libraries to talk about. If that’s not the case, we’re not friends, we’re just two people who share a profession. If we work together but don’t socialize outside of work, I’m not going to friend you. We’re coworkers, not friends. I don’t need to know what’s going on in your life, and you don’t need to know what’s going on in mine. If we’re already friends in real life and see each other in person fairly often or interact on other social networking sites, there’s a good chance I won’t friend you (unless I really like you a lot).

I don’t plan on posting a lot to Facebook or uploading much content. I don’t want to use Facebook as a one-stop-shop for all things Josh. It’s simply a tool for me to keep in touch with friends and family I care about.

Leaving Facebook was good for me. Now I have a better idea of what I want to do with the site. And what I don’t want to do with the site.


5 thoughts on “Facing Up to Facebook

  1. I concur 100%. I had the same exact issue. I left, discovered my account was still around due to it being attached to a dead e-mail that had recieved information from the “RedBox” email service, and I was astounded at the idiotic amount of non-friends I had. I discontinued it, came back, and now my perspective of the site is very different. The privacy issues I have with it are many.

  2. The privacy issues I have with it are many.

    Oh, absolutely! Which is a big reason why I won’t be uploading much to Facebook now.

  3. I looked for you there again, but there’s about ten billion Josh Neffs on FB. I suspect a secret cloning facility running without Senate approval is the problem.

  4. It seems like Facebook’s search has gotten worse. I’ve done searches for people I used to be friends with and haven’t found them, but I know they’re on Facebook.

  5. good luck…. i agree with your approach. i’ve contemplated going back after having been gone for over a year………. but i don’t see it happening…….. i’ll be interested to see how you feel once you’ve settled into your NEW FB digs.

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