The Season of Goblins

Autumn has kicked into high gear here in Kansas City. This past week was absolutely perfect! Sunny skies, crisp mornings, lazy afternoons beneath an orange marmalade sky…

I love autumn. It’s my favorite season, a season of ghosts and goblins, of flame-colored leaves and blustery winds. Each breath is filled with the scents of grass, wood, smoke , apple and pumpkin. It’s a season of magic and mystery and wonder, of looking backward and moving forward. It’s the season when time seems loose and flexible to me, the past, present and future coming unstuck in my mind. It’s the season of my favorite holidays, Hallowe’en and Thanksgiving. Costumes and candy and feasts!

Autumn has begun, and I couldn’t be happier! Hooray for the Season of Goblins!


2 thoughts on “The Season of Goblins

  1. Beautiful. I can see, smell, and even feel Autumn from this description.

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