21st Century Girl

My daughter Morgan was notified today that she’s been accepted into the 21st Century School Animal Health program at Olathe North High School. Morgan, her mom and I are all very excited at the opportunities to study and work she’ll have while in high school. It also shows that she’s not only smarter than I am but a much harder worker and much more motivated than I was at that age.

I’m very, very proud of her.


10 thoughts on “21st Century Girl

  1. That is awesome.
    Congratulations Morgan!

  2. She will be up to her elbow in a cow’s arse in no time at all.

  3. And loving it!

    Or something.

  4. Oh, way to go Morgan!

  5. Ha…wouldn’t it be awesome if she ended up specializing in sheep a la Granny (and Tiffany) Aching?

  6. Oh, I know I’m smart. But I never had the math skills or the application that Morgan has.

    I know she hasn’t read Herriot’s books. I don’t think she’s seen the show either. I’ll have to suggest those to her.

    Thanks for the link, Leese!

  7. She got the maths and sciences from me.

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