My mother bought herself a new Kindle for Christmas and passed her Kindle 2 along to me. I have some pretty major problems with e-books, but I’m generally not one to turn down a gift, so here I am with a Kindle.

I read my first book on the Kindle recently. I have to admit, it was a pretty great experience all around. The Kindle is lightweight and small enough that it’s really nice to carry around. It’s also nice having a device with a bunch of books on it. It’s nice to be able to hold the Kindle and turn pages with one hand. The text size and display is really good, too. Overall, I’m glad to use the Kindle.

That being said, there are things I can’t do with the Kindle that I often do with books, like quickly flip back and forth between widely-separated pages. There’s also the question of DRM. I absolutely refuse to put anything with DRM on my Kindle. I can remove DRM from books I buy from the Kindle store, but I’m not very happy giving Amazon money for products with DRM, even if I end up removing it. Still, there are a lot of free (and DRM-free) books out there to keep me reading for a while.

So it turns out I’m pro-electronic reading device and pro-digital book, although I think we’re a long, long way off from e-books actually replacing bound books.


8 thoughts on “Kindling

  1. Jealous! I want someone to randomly give me a Kindle as a gift.

  2. Welcome to the dark side 🙂

    and if you’d like info on how to load library ebooks on your kindle I may or may not have that to share with you.

  3. Yeah, I’ve found myself reading a whole lot more after I got a Kindle.

  4. I can’t say I’m reading more since I got the Kindle–or reading more on the Kindle. It’s a handy gadget, but it definitely doesn’t replace bound books for me. (In fact, it can’t, for the simple fact that a lot of books I like aren’t available as e-books yet. And with the Kindle 2, I can’t read comics on it, which is a big chunk of my reading.)

  5. So far, the best selling point for my book reader (it’s a Sony eReader) is that I can carry 75 books in my hip pocket. If I have 2 or 3 ebooks I’m taking turns with, it still takes up less space than one physical book. This means less to juggle when I’m out running errands or on public transit or what have you.

    Of course, there’s the corollary problem: I now have two stacks of books I swear I’ll get around to reading eventually. It’s just that one of them is virtual, and fits in my hip pocket.

  6. Don’t take it in the tub with you. BE TOLD.

  7. Ha! I actually did read it while in the tub. And yes, there was water in the tub at the time. But I’m much more careful than some people about not dropping my reading material in the bath.

  8. Touche’. It’s a house rule now that I’m only allowed to take my own books into the tub with me. No dropping a leatherbound Dostoyesvky in the bath allowed.

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