Paper Hearts

I’ve never really liked Valentine’s Day. I’ve never really done anything special for the day, whether I was in a relationship or not. I’m fairly romantic by nature, but a day centered around romance and couples just seems forced. And for people not in relationships, it just seems mean, as if your life is less complete because you’re single. That’s a pretty horrible message to send to people. There’s just something creepy and codependent about Valentine’s Day. So, yeah, I’ve never really been a fan.

Except I did used to like Valentine’s Day. In elementary school, Valentine’s Day was about giving valentines (and candy) to everyone in your class. It was about celebrating all kinds of love and friendship, not just celebrating being part of a romantic duo. It was a pink, lacy version of Hallowe’en, where everyone got a treat just for showing up and getting into the spirit of things. That is my kind of romantic holiday!

I’m very happy to be with my girlfriend, Brooke. But I’m also happy to have so many great friends that I love dearly, in all kinds of ways. Why focus solely on my romantic relationship? Why focus on only one type of love?

So…here’s to love in all of its many forms! Happy Valentine’s Day to my dear friends and family that I love so very much. May you feel loved every day of your lives.


7 thoughts on “Paper Hearts

  1. YOu too. Big Smooch buddy 🙂

  2. I love this, Josh. Happy Valentine’s Day, my friend.

  3. Thanks, Rachel. I would like to pick up that big smooch in person. 🙂

    Thanks, D. Back at’cha, my friend.

  4. As a seemingly interminable singleton, that’s exactly how I choose to spend Valentine’s Day – celebrating love and hearts and pink and glitter and red in all it’s forms. I’m wearing my “Love is All You Need” shirt and heart socks and plan on giving out Valentine’s to loved ones. I anticipate doing it the same way when I’m in a relationship again. HOORAY LOVE!

  5. That’s terrific, Amanda! I approve! 🙂

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