Up and At ‘Em!

As many people know, I’m pretty lazy. I’m a constant procrastinator and I frequently have to really push myself to get up off my tuchas and do something.

I got to work this morning feeling really motivated to knock stuff off my to-do list and Get Things Done. But as soon as I was situated at my desktop PC, sitting comfortably in my chair, I became easily distracted, unmotivated and lazy. Which is frustrating, because I really was looking forward to working hard today. I’ll still get as much done as I can, but now it will be like pulling teeth instead of happily playing. Even more frustrating, I’m like this at home, too. When I sit around reading, I have a tendency to fall asleep, no matter how exciting the book or comic is. I frequently have to push myself to do something other than sitting around in front of the TV.

I think my problem is one of motion and inertia. Walking from my car to the library, I was all fired up. But once I was safely schlumped in my chair, I lost that spark. I’m starting to think I’d work better, both professionally and personally, if I used a netbook or tablet, something lightweight, easy to carry around and move. I think if I could alternate between sitting and standing, being still and moving around, I’d keep more of my energy and be more productive.


9 thoughts on “Up and At ‘Em!

  1. I’m considering going to a sit/stand desk where I can work most of the time standing up but then sit down if I need to meet with someone.

  2. Yeah, I think that kind of set-up would work for me, too.

  3. I do this at home all the time. If there’s something I must get done on the computer (writing project usually), I put the laptop on my kitchen counter and work there. It forces me to stand and scooting a chair up to the kitchen counter and sitting in it is actually more uncomfortable than just standing there.

    It really works.

  4. I should try something like that. I generally keep my laptop on my coffee table (in front of the TV, natch) or at my desk, so that I’m sitting when I’m using it. But I clearly need to move around more. Hell, humans were built to move around, not sit on our asses all day.

  5. After I had my little epiphany and dropped fifty pounds, I read a NYT article that said no matter how much working out you do and how healthy you eat, if what you do is then go and sit in a chair all day, you are basically negating the effects. From that point forward, I’ve stood at my desk. I only sit when I have sustained writing to do and, even then, usually not. It not only keeps me moving, it gets me out of my office more and doing all the little things I put off from the comfort of my executive chair. Highly recommended.

  6. Thanks, Greg! I’m definitely going to do more moving around at work, one way or another.

  7. Hm, this sounds awfully familiar. Eric Wagoner got himself a treadmill workstation, as you may know. I ought to have one if I could integrate a transcription/VR footpedal in it. I bet JoCoLib wouldn’t spring for that though, cos then everyone would want one.

  8. Nah, they wouldn’t spring for that. Too bad.

  9. I have a sit/stand adjustable desk at work, and it makes a huge amount of difference. Sometimes I stand because my back is stiff, and sometimes it’s to wake me up and get my brain moving. I feel like some tasks are better suited to standing, and some to sitting, so I try to do the standing things in the afternoon when I need an energy boost. And I take my shoes off, too.

    Good luck!

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