This Harlequin

this harlequin that i am
dazzles & dances
illuminates the night
& turns the sun into a roman candle

don’t be fooled
don’t be bamboozled
when he talks of tears
& hides behind a rain-gray shroud
that frightened boy
that confused ghost
that screaming shade is
not the real clown

but neither is the motley madman
the laughing fool is
just another mask

this harlequin is full of blood
& fire & lightning
& clouds & fog
& pain & fear
& joy & wonder
& butter & jam
& broken glass
& sky-dancing madness



3 thoughts on “This Harlequin

  1. You write like I paint.

  2. Thanks, Lon!

    And Julie, having seen some of your paintings, I take that as a great compliment. Thank you!

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