This Looks Like a Job For…

The other day, on a whim, I tweeted and posted to Facebook, “If I were a superhero, what would my name be? Best name gets a prize of some sort. GO!” I liked a lot of the suggestions my friends threw out to me, but there was on that was a clear winner. It spawned a long series of comments, involving my superhero identity’s costume, crimefighting partner and rogues gallery.

So, Sean Demory, you win with your suggestion of Hurlyburly, the vaudeville-themed superhero. It’s a character I could actually imagine dressing up as for a convention. Or writing a comics series about. I also like Sean’s suggestion of the burlesque stripper partner, Fan-Dance. Sean, expect some sort of prize in the mail.

Runner-up is Jason Blair, who suggested Bookbinder, the Spellcasting Librarian. It has a Doctor Strange/Doctor Fate vibe to it that I really dig. Thanks, Jason!

Now…who wants to actually draw Hurlyburly?


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