It’s the Only Way to Fly! Can I Get a Refund?

I’m in Pennsylvania right now, spending time with Brooke and her family. I’m having a great time, but there was one hitch in getting here. I had to fly.

I hate flying.

It’s not that I’m afraid to fly, although I do get anxious during take-offs and landings. And whenever the plane hits turbulence. But that’s what Xanax and Dramamine are for, right? No, it’s not the fear that makes me dislike flying. It’s…well, pretty much everything else.

I’ve traveled by car, bus, train and plane. The most inconvenient way to travel, by far, is by air. Airports are never conveniently located to anywhere. Parking at airports is always inconvenient. Getting a direct flight anywhere is pretty much impossible, so you’re constantly dealing with very long layovers and/or rushed transfers from one part of the airport to another. You have to get to the airport at least an hour or two before your flight, to be subjected to intrusive, insulting and essentially pointless security measures. All in all, the time involved in flying is incredibly inconvenient, especially if one of your flights is canceled or overbooked, an all-too-common occurrence. Traveling by air takes too long, but always feels rushed.

The seating on planes is cramped. There’s rarely anything to see out the windows. There are no free snacks or meals on domestic flights anymore. Airlines now charge you to check bags and they limit the number of bags you can carry on flights. I can only imagine how much fuel air travel uses every day and how much pollution jets cause. (OK, I could do more than imagine if I took the time to look up numbers on this, but I’ve got a head full of steam right now and don’t want to take the time to do research. Sorry.)

I think it’s tragic that air travel has become the default mode of travel in the U.S. It’s become relatively cheap (although with lots of extra costs, like overpriced food at airports, parking, etc.), so people use it despite its inconvenience. Every time I fly, I swear it will be the last time. I’m swearing it again. I hope this time it really is the last time I fly, unless I’m traveling to another continent.

Because I really, really hate flying.


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