Project 365 2: Electric Boogaloo

I’ve got one day left of my “365 Days of Neff” project, my daily self-portrait thingamajig. After thinking about it and asking for input, I’ve decided that for 2012, I’m going to write a poem a day, at least one page in length. I’ll be handwriting them in a notebook (I hate writing prose by hand, but I can’t write poetry any other way) and either transcribing them and posting them here or taking pictures of the pages and posting them to my Flickr account (I haven’t decided which yet).

I’m jazzed about this because writing poetry uses different parts of my brain than writing prose fiction or writing blog posts. I want to get back in touch with those parts of my brain and push myself to try new things in terms of poetry. We’ll see how it goes.

Get ready for “365 Days of Neff Poetry”!


3 thoughts on “Project 365 2: Electric Boogaloo

  1. That’s sounds awesome, best of luck and I can wait to see some of them!

  2. Is it okay if I call it the “Neff Poetry Jam”?

  3. Thanks, Michael!

    Mandy, I insist on it!

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