Ending the Jam

With everything that’s been going on the past couple of weeks, I realized today I’m never going to catch up with my poem a day project, which I’d already fallen behind on. I’m not giving up on writing poetry (I still owe people poems from last year’s fundraising event), but I know I can’t manage a poem a day right now.

However, I’m still going to work on doing something creative every day, including pushing myself to write more fiction. I recently looked at the notes I’ve written for some stories I have in mind and realized that if I want to write the stories to the best of my ability, I don’t need to do any research and very little prep. Basically, the stories would write themselves. Which gives me no good excuses for not writing them RIGHT THE HELL NOW.

I guess I better get my ass in gear and DO IT, huh?


2 thoughts on “Ending the Jam

  1. You’ve had way too much going on in your life to worry or castigate yourself for not keeping up with daily poetry. As we say in my house, I will absolve your waffles! (In Latin, Eggo te absolvo!)

  2. Thanks, Pam.

    And now I want some waffles…

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