Richard Reno Neff, 1937-2012

My dad and me, 1979.


6 thoughts on “Richard Reno Neff, 1937-2012

  1. What a fabulous shot of the two of you! Reminds me of a television show from another era – The Courtship of Eddie’s Father. The two of you do look like best friends in that shot, and both so adorably handsome!

  2. Perfect photo of father and son. How heartbreaking it is to say goodbye.

  3. Thanks, Joyce. It’s definitely not easy.

  4. Hi Josh. It’s your long- lost ex stepsister. I just want to reach out and send my condolences. I have not had to deal with a lose of a parent but I am sure it is one of the harder things is life. I am healthy and happy and sounds like you have created a full and content life for yourself. Send my regards to your brother.

  5. Elizabeth! It’s great to hear from you! And thank you!

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