Why I’m Here

I’ve been blogging for about 11 years. I’ve been on Twitter for 5 years. I joined Facebook pretty much as soon as it opened to everyone (besides university and high school students) and joined Google+ as soon as it went live in beta. Why?

As I’ve said, I’m an extrovert. I love making new friends and meeting like-minded people. As shy as I can be in person, I’m pretty bold and outgoing online. I’ll charge in like gangbusters and throw myself to people I think are smart, funny, kind, geeky and frighteningly interesting. If I like you, I let you know it in as clear a way as I can and I’ll happily share my fears and anxieties, my passions and inspirations, and my hopes and dreams with you. Maybe it’s obnoxious, but…fuck it, I’d rather wear my heart on my sleeve and honestly show my interest and enthusiasm for people I like.

In that spirit, I ask of you all this: please share this blog, my Twitter account, my Google+ account–hell, even my Facebook account, even though I’m not a huge fan of Facebook–with people you think might dig what I write about. Not because I’m looking for fame or fortune or glory, but simply because I like meeting new people and making new friends with people I have things in common with. I’m not looking to be indiscriminately promoted, but if you think someone might like what I write about, please send me their way. And please feel free to leave comments on this blog or start conversations with me elsewhere on the interwebs, and if you’d like, please drop me a line and start up a conversation with me. I don’t think it’s possible to have too many friends, so please do what you can to connect me to people you think I’d like (and who would like me).

And if you’re already one of those people who leaves comments here or who talks with me on Twitter, Google+, Facebook or other social sites: thank you. I sincerely appreciate the feedback and engagement, the support and encouragement. I’ve made some amazing friends online over the years, and I’m always thrilled to make more friends. Let’s dance on!


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