Turn, Turn, Turn

I haven’t been writing much fiction lately. Or poetry. Or…well, really much of anything. And when I say “haven’t been writing much” I mean “haven’t been writing at all.” This happens at times, and I generally chastise myself for being so “slack” and lament being “lazy and uninspired.” I should just power through this, right?

A recent discussion on my new favorite internet hangout got me thinking about cycles of creativity, energy, and inspiration. I realized that I’ve often felt uninspired, easily bored, spectacularly unfocused and fairly depressed during the summer months. I can remember summers when I could finish a single book I started reading, had no energy whatsoever, and couldn’t concentrate on anything except superficial things. I’ve never done well in heat and humidity, and I’m starting to suspect that lots of bright sunlight overwhelms my senses. On the other hand, during autumn, winter and spring, I tend to feel incredibly inspired, bursting with energy and creativity and enthusiasm. When it’s dark and rainy or snowy outside, I want to stay in the house and devote long hours to writing and creating.

Realizing this is helping me stop scolding myself for not doing much this summer. Instead, I’m thinking of ways I can prepare myself for the rush of energy and creativity when autumn gets here, getting ready to focus that energy and creativity, rather than waste it in true ADD style.

To everything there is a season, and I think I’m finding mine.


One thought on “Turn, Turn, Turn

  1. “Realizing this is helping me stop scolding myself for not doing much this summer.”

    YAY! This makes me super happy to hear! I’m so glad you’re looking ahead to what you can do instead of beating yourself up for your natural cycles.

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