A Sea Change in the Library

Now it can be told:

I posted about looking for a new job, after being diagnosed with ADD and coming to understand why I’ve struggled so much with my job and felt like it was such a bad fit for me. I started to look outside the box I’d put myself in, but at the same time, I recognized that I really like libraries, I like working with the public, and staying in my library system would be easier than trying to find a brand-new job.

Well, thanks to some excellent, understanding HR people, I’m being shifted in the library system from web content to working reference at one of our branches. Because of the nature of the job, the duties won’t really need to be adjusted much to accommodate my ADD. I’ll be working with the public more, moving around more (rather than sitting at a desk for hours at a time, staring at a monitor), and I won’t have to juggle multiple long-term projects with variable deadlines. In some ways, it’s not going to be a dramatic change, since I’ve been doing reference work for a while now in addition to my web duties (and it’s something I’ve done many times before). But being able to just focus on what’s in front of me, rather than constantly worrying about deadlines and time management, will be a huge shift in terms of mental and emotional energy, anxiety, and depression. To say I’m relieved and excited is a bit of an understatement. I’ve been struggling for the past five years. I suddenly feel…free. Free to really focus my time and energy on writing and play. Free to enjoy my time away from work, rather than worrying about everything I haven’t gotten done.

I’ll be in training this week, then officially switching to my new position and workplace next week. It’s the dawn of a new age!


15 thoughts on “A Sea Change in the Library

  1. Congratulations! How wonderful that you were able to find a new job in without having to move to a new employer. Best of luck to you in your new role!

  2. hooray!! I’m so happy for you. 🙂

  3. Congrats!! I’m really happy for you that you’re getting what you need and what makes you happy. 🙂

  4. Way to go, man. I’m proud of you for finding a likely solution.

  5. Josh, you’re the man. Way to go, and best of luck!

  6. are you getting medication and/or therapy through your doctor to work with your ADD and get a better handle on time management? it can only help.

  7. Thanks, everyone!

    shayna, I’m not on any medication, but I’m seeing a therapist and also working on my own to better manage my ADD.

  8. Congratulations! It sounds like a much better fit for you.

  9. Congrats, Neff! May it be what you need to stay awesome. 🙂

  10. Congratulations to you and also to those excellent HR people. This sounds like very much a win-win for you and the library and the library patrons!!

  11. I am so thrilled for you!! Will you stay at 87th Street? I foresee a need to call the reference desk for help! 🙂

  12. Thanks, my friends!

    Pam, I’m moving to one of the branches and won’t be doing much telephone reference. 🙂

  13. You sure you don’t want to start an “entertainment company” like E720? You got a friend named Jeanralphio? (after watching Parks&Rec I’ve determined that you are such a cross between the nerdy Ben and the social butterfly Tom).

    In all seriousness, good for you. I’m sure you’ll flourish and learn to enjoy your work again being in a position that plays to your strengths.

  14. I clearly need to watch more Parks & Rec.

    Thanks, Julie!

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