All the Feels

Having been reading quite a bit on ADD since my diagnosis, I’ve found that one common trait of people with ADD is the intensity of their emotions and the way their emotions can rapidly shift based on the smallest of triggers. Which goes a long way towards explaining why I’ve always been a moody person (or as a child, “sensitive”) who has great difficulty getting past sudden mood shifts and bad feelings. People with ADD are also frequently very sensitive to the emotions of people around them, which also explains a lot about me and Brooke.

One thing Brooke and I often find ourselves dealing with is how my moods can affect hers, and vice versa. If one of us is suddenly feeling sad or anxious, it’s hard for the other person to not be affected by it. Brooke got some bad news last night and it’s really dragged her mood down. I feel bad for her and I feel bad in general. Her down mood has pulled the mood of the house down. She knows this, I know this, she’s been apologizing since last night, but we both know that there’s nothing either of us can do about it. I don’t resent her for this, and she doesn’t expect me to ignore her mood.

On the plus side, I completely understand how and why her mood would suddenly drop like this and why she would have a difficult time bringing her mood back up. I can empathize and be supportive, without resenting her bad mood. And she does the same for me when it’s my mood that brings the house down. Our emotions may be all over the place, but we know they’re all over the place, and we can generally deal with that.

It’s all part of the fun of living in an ADD household.


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