Pretty Good Year

I had a few blog posts I was working on, but everything seemed to be somewhat negative, and I don’t want to end one year and begin another on a sour note, so instead…

I’ll admit, 2012 was a pretty rough year for me, but there was a whole lot of good, too. I suspect 2013 will be more of the same, both difficult and lovely, but overall, I feel as if I’m getting my act together and moving forward in life. I have an abundance of wonderful people in my life, I have a job, I have a roof over my head, I have food in my belly, and I have a storm inside of me that promises to electrify my world. Life is pretty amazing and wondrous and mysterious. I like it that way.

I hope we all have a stupendous new year. There will be darkness, but I hope you never let it overwhelm the light. Let’s get out there, light our candles, and kick some major ass!


4 thoughts on “Pretty Good Year

  1. am inspired by your writing tenacity…. you seem to have kept up the habit. i for one, have let my writing fall by the wayside….. not sure why. perhaps it’s because i think my blog should have a purpose… a reason…. an approach…… rather than the wanton poem-letting of my past. you’ve written some pretty good lines in this small blogagraph….. keep at it in the new year : )

  2. Also, thanks for planting Tori in my head ; )

  3. Thanks, Leese! Personally, I don’t think a blog needs to have any purpose beyond “here is crap in my head that I want to put out in the world.” But really, it’s up to you what you do (or don’t do) with a blog. 🙂

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