Doggone Energy

This is Dicken:

He’s generally a pretty lazy mutt, happy to sleep the day away. But if he doesn’t get outside and run around at least a little bit every day, he quickly turns into a cranky, snappish little asshole.

I think Dicken and I have some things in common.

We actually call him “the ADD dog” because he is so easily distracted (not just by squirrels) and because he has these terrier outbursts of extreme energy when he’ll tear through the house, racing from one end to the other, over and over, for 5-10 minutes, before collapsing into a ball of scruffy fur on the sofa.

Basically, I need to remind myself on a daily basis that I need to get outside and I need to get some kind of exercise for better mind and body health. It’s really easy for me to forget and spend my day in physical lethargy…and then turn into a cranky, snappish little asshole. And that can be rough on myself and the people around me.