Things I think are more important than military build-up, war, and invasion:

  • Keeping the poor housed and fed.
  • Providing affordable/free medical care for all citizens.
  • Making sure all public schools are well-funded and teachers are paid well.
  • Helping unemployed people find new jobs and get training the might need for new careers.
  • Making sure important government agencies that ensure the welfare of our citizens–like OSHA and the EPA–are well-funded.
  • Shoring up our infrastructure of roads, bridges, etc.
  • Building high-speed rail networks across the country.
  • Developing renewable energy resources to replace coal and oil.
  • Developing new technologies and building vehicles for space exploration.

Yes, defending our nation is important. And yes, wars are sometimes necessary. But the last war that was actually necessary ended 68 years ago. I think we spend too much on weapons and far, far too much on unnecessary wars and invasions. We should be spending more on peaceful technologies and social welfare that benefits all of our citizens.