Good Neighbors

I have car insurance through State Farm. Since my car accident, they’ve been fantastic. The two main reps I’ve worked with–one regarding the accident, one in charge of assessing my totaled car and taking care of getting me the money for the car–have been friendly, comforting, funny, and extremely helpful.

Yesterday morning, I got a call from someone with Toyota Financial Services. “We heard you were in a car accident. We’re really sorry. But your car payment is late, and if we don’t receive a payment by tomorrow, it could be turned over to collections.” I explained that State Farm paid off the rest of my lien and I’d signed paperwork the day before turning ownership of the wrecked car over to State Farm. “Well, I see that State Farm called us, but we don’t have any paperwork and haven’t received any money.” I told him that was all very strange, since State Farm had called about the lien on Tuesday and, like I said before, the paperwork had been signed on Wednesday. I was really in no mood to deal with this kind of runaround, so when he again threatened that I could be turned over to collections if I didn’t make a payment by the end of the week, I said, “Whatever,” and hung up.

A bit worried, I called Christy, the State Farm rep in charge of assessing my totaled car, and told her about the Toyota Financial call. She assured me that she had sent a check to them on Tuesday and they should be getting the paperwork ASAP. “I’m not going to tell you not to make a payment,” she said, “But…” I said I wouldn’t stress out about it and just trust that it would all come together. “OK,” she said, “I’ll talk to you later.” After we hung up, I thought, I really hope I don’t talk to you later, because I really don’t want to have another totaled car assessed any time soon.

About half an hour later, Christy called back to tell me that she had called Toyota Financial to straighten everything out. They had the check from State Farm, they had the paperwork, the car was officially not mine, and I didn’t have to worry about making a payment.

“You rock!” I said.

She laughed and said, “OK, well, take care. I’ll talk to you later.” There was a brief pause. “I don’t know why I keep saying that. I really hope I don’t have to talk to you later.”

“I was thinking the same thing,” I told her. “You’re just being nice.”

“I’m just a polite person,” she said. “But you’re had a decision reached on this, so…I’m breaking up with you now.”

I started cracking up and came close to telling her, “I love you!” Instead, I just thanked her and told her to have a great day.

I’m so happy I’m with State Farm.