Another Tech Day Wrap-Up

I was feeling a bit under the weather yesterday. I was not feeling up to writing about going to NEKLS Tech Day the day before. I’m feeling better now, thank’s for asking, and so, once more, here we go with…NEKLS Tech Day 2007.

The Good: I got to hang out with my witty, amusing coworkers. I got to see old friends. I got to hang out with Mr. Royce Kitts. I got to copresent with two of my teammates on developing our new websites and using paper prototyping and usability testing to get input and buy-in from staff and patrons.

The Not-As-Good: As always the NEKLS crew put on a great, educational, fun conference. But unlike the past two conferences, I didn’t leave feeling particularly inspired or enthusiastic. Maybe I’ve just been too preoccupied with our website redesign (with the rapidly approaching go-live date only two weeks away). Maybe the ground that was covered in the talks and presentations on technology and Library 2.0 ideas is ground that I’ve covered too many times already. Whatever the reasons, I had a good time at Tech Day this year, but I didn’t have a great time like I did the previous two years. So it goes.