Things to Do With Flickr When You’re a Librarian

At NEKLS Tech Day 2006, Mickey Coalwell and I did a presentation on Flickr and libraries. (Here’s a gratuitous link to picture of us, just after the presentation.) Mickey strolled through a list of terrific ideas of ways libraries could use Flickr. Michael Stephens, with Mickey’s permission, has put the list up on his blog. I encourage everyone to steal these ideas. I know my library will.


Tech Day Wrap-Up

My eyes shot open at a quarter to 5 this morning and they haven’t closed yet. I’ve been cruising through the day on coffee and sugar and adrenaline. So, if you’re looking for calm, well-reasoned, linear blog posting, look elsewhere, Pocahontas. This ain’t it.

So, NEKLS Tech Day.

NEKLS Tech Day was an absolute blast-and-a-half! I got to meet Michael Stephens and David King and Scott Vieira. I got to hang out with my friends from NEKLS and the Johnson County Public Library. And I had turkey with dijon mustard on a pita for lunch. All the fixin’s for a good day, right?

Michael Stephens was awesome. (Jenny Levine was awesome last year, so I can only imagine how much concentrated awesomeness would’ve been in the room if they’d both been there together.) But here’s the cool part: he stressed throughout his talk and after that two of the most important things librarians can do (and encourage others to do) are “dream and play.”

Dream and play.

“Gee,” my wife just remarked, “that sounds familiar.” Dream and Play, as some of you already know, are two major themes in my life, and I’ve worked hard to get to the point where I’m paid to dream and play. So, Michael gets loads of points in my book for saying that.

The panel discussion afterwards–with Michael, David King, Christie Brandau and Diane Trinkle–was really good, too. Michael and David were great, of course. Christie Brandau continues to impress me. Is she the coolest State Librarian or what? And Diane Trinkle of the Nortonville Public Library is fantastic! She’s doing great things with her library, in a town of 600 people.

I led a session on Flickr and libraries in the afternoon with Mickey Coalwell from NEKLS. I think it went well, but I was so nervous, my brain shut down and I ran on autopilot for my half of the session. One great thing: I got people to join the Kansas Libraries & Librarians group on Flickr right there in the session. The group quadrupled in size in one fell swoop!

In another afternoon session, I learned more about Kansas’ Webjunction, which will be a great continuing education resources for my library staff.

These are just my immediate impressions, mind. I may post further thoughts later. But right now, I’m in serious need of no-brain time. Good night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.