Getting Things Zen

I’ve never been a particularly organized person. In some cases–like when I’m laying on the couch, reading, or sitting at a computer, playing video games–it’s not a problem. But I’ve become more and more aware that when I want to stay on top of my finances, juggle multiple writing projects, keep up with what my friends are doing, and get everything done at work in a timely fashion, my disorganization is a real pain the ass. A year ago, I started reading David Allen’s Getting Things Done and attempting to implement his ideas into my life. But then I had to deal with the move from Hell, my father’s surgery and long recovery, and then his death…basically, this hasn’t been such a good time for me to work on changing my ways in such a significant way. And yet, this is really important to me. I’m tired of being so disorganized. I’m tired of forgetting things, of letting things slip by, of feeling like I’m always running to catch up with everything that’s going on in my life.

Help me, internet friends! You’re my only hope! I want to either get some variant of the GTD system integrated into my life or find some other way of getting organized and ahead of things. One thing that’s been a big problem in the past is that I tend to be a very abstract, nonlinear, creative, right-brained thinker with the attention span of a sugar-rushed puppy. I think fighting against that is a losing battle. Is there a way for me to be organized, some system for organization, that can incorporate my short-attention-span loosey-goosiness? Are there other right-brained, nonlinear, short-attention-span folks out there who have successfully gotten themselves organized like a badass Zen master?

Please leave comments here or contact me if you have any ideas or can otherwise help me with this. Thanks, my friends!